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  Music Wonderland - group piano lessons for children aged 3+    

This course is designed for children aged 3 and gives a wonderful introduction to the world of music and leads perfectly into the Junior Music Course which has always been a hit at Nottingham for 4 year old children learning to play the piano. 

The goals of the Music Wonderland course are:

  • To develop the ability to express own feelings (singing actively with images as well as expressing rhythm).

  • To understand the sense of rhythm (beat, tempo and constant speed of rhythm).

  • To cultivate the foundation that will make them capable of expressing music.

Who can take part? Children aged 3 years with parents

Lenght of lesson: 45 minutes

This course is only offered in Yamaha Music Schools.

Junior Music Course - group piano lessons for children aged 4-5    

Junior Music Course is the best possible introduction that a young child can have to the world of music. Open to children aged 4 and 5, it offers them a unique chance to make music during a critical period in their development.


Ninety percent of our students achieve perfect pitch and the benefits in terms of their physical, emotional, social and intellectual development are immense. By making music together, the confidence and self-esteem of the children gets a huge boost.


Many parents report that their child's listening and social skills are considerably enhanced.


To maintain the concentration and motivation of a young child for each one hour lesson, the teacher will have prepared at least 15 different activities, blending concentration, relaxation, music games, listening, singing and playing. As a parent you are actively encouraged to join your child in the classroom and share the fun!

The goals of the Junior Music Course are:

• To nurture musical sensitivity and creativity through in-class musical group experiences.

• To sing what they hear, to play what they sing, to read what they play, using the keyboard instrument as a learning tool.

• To obtain a comprehensive approach of music, learning the basic elements of music, melody, rhythm and harmony.

Who can take part? Children aged 4 and 5

Length of lesson: 60 minutes

This course is only offered in Yamaha Music Schools.

 Junior Step Fundamental Course - group piano lessons for children aged 6-7    

At the age of six, a child's attention span has started to lengthen and they can stay focused for longer. In the Junior Step Fundamental Course, we believe that a fun approach to learning music is important. We achieve this through listening, singing and reading activities.

The Junior Step Fundamental Course is designed for children starting to learn music between 6 to 8 years of age.


The goals of the Junior Step Fundamental Course are:

  • To provide basic musical skills, encourage independence and establish the basis of creativity and self-expression on a keyboard instrument.

  • The textbooks contain a variety of repertoire pieces as well as chord playing, solfege, lyric singing, ensemble and music theory.

  • After completing the Junior Step Fundamental Course the children move to the Junior Step Course.

Who can take part? Children aged 6 and 7 years

Length of lesson: 60 minutes

This course is only offered in Yamaha Music Schools

  Play for Keeps - Group keyboard lessons for children aged 8+ and adults   

Play For Keeps is the ideal course for those who want to learn the keyboard in a fun and creative environment. Working in a group of up to 10 students, you will have the additional advantage of being able to learn to play in a band, as well as solo. Whether you're nine or ninety, in Play For Keeps you'll find it's never too late to discover the fun of music-making.  Play For Keeps course material follows a fully accredited Yamaha/Trinity College exam syllabus and will take the student from beginner to Grade 8. 

It encompasses a broad range of musical genres, with a focus on popular music from the Rock & Roll era to the present day. We make sure you get to learn the styles of music you want to be able to play, so there's never been a better time to learn to play the keyboard!

Guitar Encounters - Group guitar lessons for children aged 8+   

Guitar Encounters is a rock and pop-based course. Perfectly suited to any aspiring guitarist from the age of 8 upwards, lessons are taught on electric and electro-acoustic instruments. Classes contain typically 6 to 8 students so there will always be a chance to play as a group to complement solo work. Not only does the course material cover skills and techniques that would make other guitarists green with envy, it also fully supports music in the National Curriculum so you can learn while having fun playing! 

Guitar Encounters also teaches general music and guitar-specific notation and theory. It even covers technical issues such as how to correctly set-up and maintain an instrument, and how to use instrument tone controls, effects and amplifier controls to recreate the sounds of guitar legends. The course material includes great music, covering the major milestones in popular guitar styles. Swap your air-guitar for the real thing - now! 

Watch the short video above for a fab introduction to the Guitar Ecounters courses offered here at the Nottingham Yamaha Music School! 

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