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Lesson Prices
When Are Tuition Fees Due?

Lesson prices are as follows:

  • Half an hour £11.25, per lesson.

  • 1 Hour large group £13.25, per lesson.

  • Individual lesson fees are £16.75 for 30 minutes.

Monthly fees vary and are based on how many lessons are scheduled for that calendar month, as shown in the 2024 Table of Monthly Tuition Fees.

  • Tuition fees are due on the first lesson of the month for that month's lessons and can be paid online via BACs. Please ask Reception for the details.

  • If fees have not been paid by the first lesson of the following month (i.e. are a month in arrears), a £5 late fee will apply.

Student Absence, Extra Lessons & Cancellation Policies
  • No compensate lessons or remission of fees can be claimed for student absence.

  • If a lesson is cancelled by the teacher due to sickness or holiday, fees will be not be charged. If monthly fees have already been paid, then a credit will be applied to the following month's lessons.

  • If a teacher offers extra lessons in preparation for an upcoming exam or extra support, these are chargeable at the standard lesson prices.

A copy of our school calendar and fee table can be downloaded below:

2024 Calendar.pdf

2024 Table of Monthly Tuition Fees updated version.pdf

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