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Sophia, age 11, performs End of Summer, her original piano composition

Each year UK Yamaha Music School pupils are encouraged to enter their original compositions for selection to perform at the European Junior Original Concert, representing not only Nottingham Yamaha Music School, but the UK.

This year, two pupils from Nottingham YMS have been entered.

The End of Summer By Sophia B, age 11

I was inspired to write this piece of music after I went back to school in September. I was looking forward to going back since it would mean seeing my friends and buying a new school bag and new stationery. However, I also felt a bit sad because it meant the end of barbeques and picnics, meeting friends at the park, late nights outside and generally having no schoolwork to do.
I chose to make the key signature of this piece A minor because it offers a melancholy sound, which suited how I felt when I realised that summer was coming to an end. There are some happy bits in the piece to reflect that, while summer was ending, there is also the start of a new chapter, in this case, seeing friends I have missed and the pleasure of having new things. I hope you enjoy listening to it.
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